NickCash is used to purchase items in the NC Mall. The Mall is the place to find specialty items like Pets, Costumes, Ingredient Packs & more.

  • Unique battling abilities, get a daily XP boost, and get help to reach new areas!

    500 NC

  • Unique costumes that come with special bonus accessories!

    240-1020 NC

  • Boost your monkey's stats with individual armor pieces.

    75-350 NC

  • Take no damage for a short amount of time. Defeat those tough bosses!

    75-150 NC

  • Level up faster! Increase your XP rewards up to double what you normally get.

    100-350 NC

  • Each tonic changes your monkey a brilliant shade of color for a short time.

    50 NC

  • Looking for crafting ingredients? Look no further!

    25-75 NC